Our History

In 2014, the Ontario Ombudsman released a report called “In the Dark” stating that Hydro One, Ontario’s largest hydro company at the time, had issued more than 100,000 incorrect bills to customers.

This included some egregious errors including one customer being billed $15 million instead of $4,000, a ski hill erroneously billed $37,000 one month in error, only to be billed $37 million the next, and CFB Petawawa being incorrectly billed for over $50 million.

The Ombudsman estimated that all utilities have a 2% error rate in their billing. At the time, Jeremy Poteck worked at Ontario’s largest hydro company, Bruce Power where he managed a team of brokers who sold electricity commodity contracts to hydro customers across Ontario, and communicating the results of transactions with over 70 utilities across Ontario. When “In the Dark” was released, he wondered if the same issues were occurring with his customer base. To his surprise, they were.

It seemed incredible that mistakes could be so prevalent, and someone should do something about it. Shortly after reading “In the Dark”, Jeremy founded Poteck Power and set off on the mission to find and correct the mistakes in every commercial & industrial utility bill in Ontario

Our Expertise

To-date, Poteck Power has returned over $50 million in refunds to our clients. We want to make sure every client in Ontario is billed correctly by their hydro company – helping them take back the money they may not know they’re owed!

We are experts in energy policy, utility billing, conservation, peak load management, and demand response. Our team has delivered millions in savings to hydro users across Ontario, and we apply our combined expertise to find every possible mistake made on your power invoices.

Our Team